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WATCH: Our 75 year story

Cliff Mitchell (27/03/2024)

This year we’re celebrating 75 years of the European Movement UK.


Today marks 75 years since the European Movement UK was formed.

Cliff Mitchell, EM Staffordshire (16/02/2024)

We were founded in 1949 in the shadow of war.


Brexit isn’t working – we need to have an honest discussion about the best way forward

Cliff Mitchell, EM Staffordshire (18/01/2024)

Become a member of the European Movement today.


Simple Politics Guide by Central Bylines

Cliff Mitchell (10/12/2023)

Specially designed for those who prefer a simpler language style.


Let’s get the UK back into Erasmus+

Cliff Mitchell (05/12/2023)

The UK left the Erasmus+ programme as part of Brexit - and as a result, snatched vital opportunities away from young people in this country.


The European Customs Union

Cliff Mitchell (11/08/2023)

Why the UK should join the EU Customs Union


The Brexit Scandal - Power, Profit and Populism: The Battle for Hard Brexit

Director: Tom Costello (10/08/2023)

What if Brexit was ultimately not about the “will of the people” at all, but about the interests of a small British elite?


The European Single Market

Cliff Mitchell (03/08/2023)

Why the UK should join the European Single Market


The National Rejoin March II

Cliff Mitchell (01/08/2023)

London, Hyde Park - 23 September 2023 at 12:00 noon


Dominic Grieve speaks at the 2023 European Movement Grassroots Conference

Cliff Mitchell (18/07/2023)

Dominic Grieve KC, former MP and Attorney General for England and Wales, speaks to the 2023 European Movement Grassroots Conference at Victoria Hall in Sheffield on 15 July 2023, shortly after his appointment as a Vice President of the movement.

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