European Movement Staffordshire Privacy Policy

We are part of The European Movement, the UK’s longest-standing and largest pro-European network.

EMStaffs Privacy

EMStaffs Privacy Policy

Current version 1.1 (3 September 2021)

Who we are

We are a brach of the European Movement UK ( and we are governed by the European Movement UK's Privacy Policy: .

We do not separately hold any personal data.

EMStaffs Purpose

EMStaffs is a membership organisation campaigning for the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union and greater integration between the UK and Europe. EMStaffs' activities are facilitated by our membership and supporters.

Our members and supporters support our mission and campaign aims through various means, including:

  • Fundraising.
  • Campaigning through various activities such as street stalls, surveys, petitions and letter writing.
We take active steps to make sure that our supporters are aware of the ways in which they can help us achieve our overall purpose.


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