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We are part of The European Movement, the UK’s longest-standing and largest pro-European network.

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"For me the fightback has already started."

This is the message from Lord Heseltine, President of the European Movement UK.

The UK urgently needs to find a path back to its rightful place at the heart of Europe. As a nation, our ability to grapple with the challenges of the 21st century depends on it.

To put Britain back on the path towards Europe will require decisive political leadership. In this, the current UK government has utterly failed.

Trade disputes with our closest European allies risk escalating into full-on diplomatic crisis. Our economy is being sacrificed in perhaps Britain’s worst gamble of the 21st century.

But this cannot last. Polls reveal bitter discontent with Brexit, and the fable of Global Britain is no match for the historical pull of our European relationship.

As Lord Heseltine has said:

“I believed then, and I believe today, that our destiny is to be a major European power; exercising influence within the collegiate body of Europe on a world stage.”

There is what Lord Heseltine describes as “an empty chair in the halls of European power” where once the UK sat, and a new generation of leaders will emerge to fill it.

It is our job as the European Movement to give rise to that new generation, a generation dedicated to restoring our rights as European citizens and restoring the UK to its proper role in the world.

Join the movement and together let’s give rise to this new generation: Join the EM

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