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A selection of important media articles useful for those wanting to know more about Brexit
The Chris Grey Brexit Blog

04/07/2018: Online

Consistently outstanding analysis of Brexit by Chris Grey, Emeritus Professor of Organization Studies at Royal Holloway, University of London

Source: The Brexit Blog


The seven deadly trade lies that Brexiteers tell us.

31/05/2018: Newspaper

Brexiteers like to tell us all that they are free traders. But, as with just about everything else in the echo chamber they’ve built for themselves, the claim fails to stand up to even the most cursory scrutiny.

Source: Evening Standard


The world is clear-eyed about Brexit, and knows it must be reversed.

21/02/2018: Newspaper

What about foreigners’ views of Britain? What do their eyes see that we too often miss? Here are three examples, all garnered from just the past few days. They are widely representative.

Source: The Guardian


Second referendum on Brexit is only option now, says Brexit campaigner Arron Banks

11/01/2018: Newspaper

Britain should hold a second referendum to confirm support for a clean break with the European Union, Arron Banks, the co-founder of influential pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU, said on Thursday.

Source: Reuters


Brexit: Nigel Farage says 'maybe' there should be a second referendum on EU membership

11/01/2018: Online

Nigel Farage has said it may be time to hold a second referendum on Brexit to put an end to the “moaning” of politicians who have not accepted the previous vote.

Source: The Independent


Tony Blair: Brexit - What We Now Know

04/01/2018: Online

2018 will be the year when the fate of Brexit and thus of Britain will be decided. 2017 was too early in the negotiation. By 2019, it will be too late.

Source: Tony Blair Institute for Global Change


Brexiteers Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Are 'Clueless' About Economics, Says Ex-Treasury Minister

03/01/2018: Online

Lord O’Neill of Gatley said that Johnson was a “ludicrous” figure and that he and Liam Fox were “crazy” to focus on “shameful” talk of trade deals with Commonwealth countries like New Zealand, rather than China.

Source: Huffpost


UK to sink to the bottom of OECD wage growth index in 2018

29/12/2017: Newspaper

British workers to be worse off among wealthy nations as Brexit inflation diminishes pay, TUC analysis show.

Source: The Guardian


Brexpats - Hear Our Voice

29/12/2017: Newspaper

We campaign for the preservation of the rights of UK nationals in the EU as well as support EU citizens in the UK.

Source: Brexpats - Hear Our Voice


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