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Nearly two thirds of the country thinks Brexit has done more damage than good.
A poll by Focaldata found that three times as many adults (63%) now believe Brexit has created more problems than it has solved, compared with just 21% who believe it has solved more than it has created.
The Observer, 28 May 2023
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Act Now: Save our Standards

Right now the government is trying to pass legislation that would allow them to scrap over 3,800 laws carried over from when we were in the EU, practically overnight.

The Retained EU Law Bill is the first step in dismantling regulations and standards protecting our environment, food quality and workers’ rights.

We need to step up to defend these protections.

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The Lost Opportunities List

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Since 1 January 2021 the European Union has not stood still. It continues to offer new opportunities and benefits to its citizens and businesses that we in the UK are no longer entitled to.

So far the UK has missed out on 102 opportunities to make our lives better

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The David Downside Dossier

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In October 2016, David Davis, the then Brexit secretary, told the House of Commons that “there will be no downside to Brexit at all, and considerable upsides”.

So far, we have identified 1102 downsides
but only 24 upsides!

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We need your help

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If you would like to support our campaigning, but don't have the time or are unable to support us directly, please consider giving a few pounds to our JustGiving campaign funds. All money raised will be used directly to fund our campaign activities. Thank you!


Cost of Brexit So Far

Total cost to the UK since the Brexit referendum

According to the Bank of England voting to leave the European Union has cost Britain more than £440 million a week in lost growth since the referendum.

The Digby Jones Index

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Lord Digby Jones told Andrew Neil before the referendum that there would not be a single job lost because of Brexit.

So far, we have identified
304 companies
that have reduced staff numbers because of Brexit!

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Fifty years ago today, the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community.

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