Farage and GB News have had another tantrum

Anna Bird, CEO, European Movement UK - 25/11/2022
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“GB viewers think that they’d like to change their minds."

Brexiteers have been up-in-arms this week because a briefing last weekend in The Times said that government officials have been mulling over a ‘Swiss-style’ deal for the UK with the EU. 

Writing in Prospect this week, our Chair Andrew Adonis detailed how this is simply a deal which “would keep Britain’s regulatory system close to the EU’s in return for greater access to the single market and fewer administrative obstacles.”  

This new deal doesn't seem like it will become a reality any time soon, but the fact that it's even being seriously considered represents a major shift. Our leaders are being forced to face up to the fact that Brexit isn't working – and that better cooperation with the EU is the only way forward.

Let's take on the Brexit backers

And we can see that our opponents, the arch Brexiteers, are worried! 

This week Nigel Farage himself published an op-ed in The Telegraph, where he wrote that “I didn't spend 25 years battling for Brexit only to watch the Tories give it away” because apparently “our position on the EU is slackening.” 

Then GB News (yep, GB News) ran a Brexit poll that went spectacularly wrong. They asked ‘If given the chance again would you vote FOR or AGAINST Brexit?’  

45% answered FOR. 

55% answered AGAINST. 

The headline, which they stated live on air, is that “GB viewers think that they’d like to change their minds." Just watch how the presenter deals with it...

But the reality is this: as the impacts of Brexit become clearer and clearer, this is just the start. Brace yourselves for tantrum after tantrum. 

Meanwhile, European Movement UK is the only organisation which is working to expose and reverse the calamity of Brexit. 

Step-by-step. Law-by-law. We will take back our place at the heart of Europe. But we can’t do it without you. 

Join the movement leading the fight back

Together, let’s build on this momentum. They’re running scared. 

Best wishes, 

Anna Bird 

CEO, European Movement UK 

European Movement UK

P.S. Members are the lifeblood of this movement. This is the movement that is taking up the fight. European Movement is working with people at all levels, from grassroots to Westminster, fundraising, marching, and speaking out to reverse the calamity of Brexit. It is the only pro-European organisation in the UK, and you can be part of European Movement UK by joining today. 

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